Who is Danny?

Danny is a six year old beaver living in Michigan. He is kind, smart and a little shy. You are going to like him very much. If you're thinking about getting his brand new book, there's a couple of things to remember...

Who likes Danny's stories?

Readers of Danny's lil' book are between the ages of 5-8. If Mama and Dada are going to read, then 3-4 year olds will also be excited!

Why read Danny's adventures?

Danny has a big heart. He's inspiring to all kids (and grown-ups) who are trying something new! Plus Beaver trivia is too much fun!

Will Danny have more stories?

ABSOLUTELY! Danny's hanging out with his friends this summer. We believe they're going to cook up something new and adventurous!

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About Danny

Meet Danny

  Danny is a beaver living in Michigan.   You may find him playing with his elder sister or his school friends near river Rouge.   Don’t forget to say hello to him!